Membership Sites Have Never Been Easier with PLR

Membership Sites Have Never Been Easier with PLR
Membership Sites Have Never Been Easier with PLR

There are several benefits that can be accrued from building and running membership sites. For starters, you’ll have a semblance of stability in your online income. You’ll know roughly how much you’ll earn every month based on the paying members you have. Even with member attrition, you’ll still have a monthly income you can count on. It is easier with PLR products.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to running a membership site is having to create content every month for your members. The content has to be relevant, interesting, and useful in order for you to retain your members. The good news is that PLR content can be used to create deliverables for your members. Reports, videos, recipes, books, etc. can all be created with PLR.

You’ll never run out of ideas or content.

* Choosing the niche
If you’re planning on using PLR in your niche membership site, you’ll need to start from the end and work backward. Let’s assume you decide to have a membership site catering to survivalists. In order to provide content to them every month, you’ll need sufficient PLR to create the deliverables. That means you need to research and see if there is actually PLR in this niche that you can use. In this case, there certainly is.
But if you’re in other niches such as cannabis/CBD oil, etc. you might be hard-pressed to find PLR content that you can constantly use. So, make sure there’s content for your niche before you go ahead with the domain purchase and site set-up.

* Deciding what you’ll give your subscribers
Ideally, you should give your subscribers 1 to 4 pieces of content a month, depending on how much you’re charging. Try not to exceed 4 pieces of content because you don’t want to overwhelm your members. Once you’ve decided on the content, make a plan for the next 6 months. What type of content do you need to prepare? What format will they be in? How will you package the content?

All these questions must be answered so that you’re well prepared. When you know what you’re providing, it’ll be time for the next step.

* Sourcing for content
You’ll now need to source content to create your deliverables. That will mean either buying PLR in the format you’re sending your subscribers or you might have to repurpose the content to deliver it to them. For example, if you deliver a training video every month to your members, you may need to convert a PLR article into a video (if you can’t find PLR videos to suit your needs).

Find a few trustworthy PLR vendors who have sufficient content you can use in your deliverables.

* Bundling up older content
When running a membership site, you may decide to put all future members in a sequence where they go through a specific sequence of deliverables. That means those who join later on will still start on month one where the older content is.

*Option 2
Or you may have a membership where every month new content is added and the previous month’s content is removed. Whether the member is old or new, they’ll only get the latest content every month. If you choose to go with option 2, you could bundle up all the previous months’ content into separate bundles and sell them in a store within your membership site. Just remember to charge more for these bundles so it makes it seem like a better deal to stay in the membership. (E.g. Monthly membership = $17, Previous month’s bundle = $27) These are just a few of the pointers to take note of when setting up a membership site with PLR. Building a membership site will require some technical know-how.

Spend some time on YouTube watching tutorials on using membership site software and choose one that fits your needs. It’s much easier to build a membership site with software such as Wishlist Member, aMember Pro, MemberMouse, etc.

Start building a membership site today and in a couple of months, you’ll have a recurring income that’s stable and keeps growing. PLR will make the process easier than you ever thought possible.

Membership Sites Have Never Been Easier with PLR