Pricing Your PLR – What No One is Telling You


Pricing one’s PLR is a topic that’s hotly debated in the PLR scene every now and then. At one end of the spectrum, there are PLR sellers who sell resell rights products for pennies on the dollar and compete with other sellers on price. At the other end of the spectrum, there are PLR sellers who charge premium prices for their content ranging in the hundreds of dollars. Everyone else is in the middle wondering what exactly is the right price for their PLR content. The truth of the matter is that the price you charge for your content is usually determined by how much courage you have to charge that price. Pricing Your PLR – What No One is Telling You.

Premium pricing is dictated to some extent by the quality of the content… but is mostly determined by the PLR vendor’s guts and belief in their products.

* What type of buyer are you attracting?
The prices you charge will dictate what types of buyers you attract. The experience will show you that people who pay more for their PLR content usually tend to be less problematic than those who pay less. A PLR buyer who pays $97 for a package of content is a lot less likely to ask for a refund than someone who paid $7 for a PLR pack. You’d think the reverse would be true… but it’s not, and that’s life.

PLR buyers who pay more, tend to take their business seriously. They want nothing but the best content for their sites, etc. So, they turn their nose up at lower-priced content in the belief that the quality is sub-par. This may or may not be true… but it doesn’t matter. In the buyer’s mind, cheap equates to poor quality.

* What’s the market telling you?
Mid-tier pricing for PLR is usually in the range of $17 to $47… or maybe even $77. It’s within this price range where you’ll find most PLR customers. If you charge premium pricing for your PLR, you’ll get a lot fewer customers, but you do not really need that many sales to earn a rewarding income. 50 sales for a $497 PLR bundle comes up to $24,850.

If you can find 50 loyal buyers, you’re golden.

For PLR in the lower price ranges, it’s possible to make 500 sales through the sales funnel. You’ll even have 100 to 200 new customers – but you’ll still earn less than the seller who sold 50 PLR packages at $497. The lower your price, the more customers you’ll get relatively easily… and at the higher price points, you’ll get much fewer customers, but the profit potential is much higher.

You’ll need to decide which market you wish to cater to.

* Avoiding the term ‘PLR’
If you want to change more for your PLR content, one of the wisest moves you could make would be to move away from the term ‘PLR’.
Let’s face the facts… PLR has a bad reputation. It’s synonymous with poor quality content because many marketers tried to make a quick buck by flooding the market with shoddy PLR products.

The term ‘PLR’ alone is a turn-off to many experienced marketers. Instead, you’re better off calling your products ‘white label content’ or ‘done for you content’ or whatever another catchy term you can think of. While the term PLR still works for most low to mid-tier content packages, at the higher prices it’s best to position yourself differently.

* Authority allows for leverage
The more authority you have in the industry, the higher you can charge. You have a wealth of experience and you’re a proven entity.
An experienced PLR seller can charge much more than a beginner who’s just entering the market. While the beginner may decide to charge premium prices, he/she may get zero to no sales. Or they may get the occasional sale once in a blue moon.

Gaining exposure and building authority in your niche will allow you to charge premium prices. Of course, your content must be top-notch to justify the pricing.

* Marketing is more important at higher price points
Almost all PLR launches will benefit from affiliate promotions even at higher price points. However, for PLR sold at premium prices, it’s even more important for you to be able to drive your own traffic and generate your own leads. If you’re charging $297 for a PLR bundle, and most of your affiliates are PLR sellers who sell content for $17 to $27, they’ll find it much more difficult to get you sales because their customers are just not used to paying so much for content.

So, you’ll need to find other PLR sellers who sell premium content and you’ll also need to learn paid advertising, and other methods of traffic generation to build your own list of customers who trust and like your content. Your sales pages will need to be better and your copy must convert well. Your content has to be excellent.

Every part of your marketing needs to be on point when you’re in the premium price range… and this can be a formidable challenge… but it is a rewarding one.

* Are lower price points sustainable?
If you’re wondering whether you can make money by selling PLR at the lower price points, the answer is YES! You can. However, it is a lot more work for less reward. You’ll constantly need to do PLR launches and also promote other PLR offers to make money as an affiliate.
You can make 5 to 6 figures just by doing this… but it’s a ton of never-ending work and you can’t really rest for too long.

If you’re a new PLR seller, the goal should be to start in the lower price range until you build enough momentum and authority to start selling your products at higher prices. It’ll take time, but you’ll get there. Pricing your product is a matter of trial and error, and discovering what prices you’re comfortable with and progressing from there.

Don’t worry too much about it. Nothing is set in stone and you can always change your pricing as you gain experience in the business.

Pricing Your PLR – What No One is Telling You