Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business

Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business
Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business

The main reason thousands of people purchase private label rights (PLR) content is so that they can save themselves money, time, and effort.
PLR is cheaper than hiring your own writer. It’s faster than writing your own content or waiting for someone else to write and deliver the content. Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business.

Lastly, most people dislike writing. It’s a draining and tiring task that saps your energy. With PLR content, you don’t need to expend so much effort.

Now let’s see how PLR can help you take shortcuts in your business…

1. Content publishing schedule
If you have a blog, it’s important to post fresh content at least once or twice a week. This infusion of new content will ensure that your loyal readers don’t think that the blog has gone stale. There’s something new every week for them to devour. They love it.

The problem here is that you’re the one who needs to keep creating new content. Initially, when the blog is new and you’re highly motivated, this will be fun. But as time goes on, constantly publishing new content can become a drag. At times like these, you can always use PLR content as part of your content publishing schedule.

Take a PLR article, personalize it, add some images, opinions, etc. and voila! You have an interesting piece of content for your audience without you having to struggle to write it all out.

2. Product creation
Want to sell your own book? Or a bundle of checklists? Or tangible products? There’s no need to create your own products from scratch. Go ahead and sell PLR eBooks as your own. Use PLR content to create quick checklists that you can bundle up and sell to your niche. Even graphic designs sold as PLR for printables can be used to create products you can sell. Came across a bundle of unicorn images with PLR? Excellent! Print them on mugs and sell them on

Shortcut product creation time by selling ‘done for you’ PLR products. Just remember to rebrand them.

3. Rebranding
Following up on the point above, selling PLR products as your own end-products can be lucrative – but it’s essential to set yourself apart from the PLR buyers who have the same content as you.

Here’s the truth – graphics are EASILY recognizable, but written content is NOT. So, what does that mean? It means that the best way to be different from the masses is to look different from the masses. Give your product a brand new look by getting new graphics done for it.
If you’re artistic and proficient at graphic design, you can do it yourself. If not, you can hire a designer on Fiverr or to do one for you.

Alternatively, there are sites such as,, and so on that have packages for you to choose from. Just by changing the graphics, you’ll have a product that looks BRAND NEW in the marketplace.

4. Building a list and email marketing
Use PLR reports as lead magnets to build your email list. Once you’re driving traffic to your opt-in page, people will sign up for your freebie.
You can then market to them and sell them to other products. If you need content for your emails, you can always use snippets of your PLR articles to create valuable content-driven emails.

Occasionally, you can build list loyalty by giving them free reports, etc. that are actually PLR products you put together quickly.

5. Offline marketing
If you’re marketing in the ‘real world’, PLR content can be used to create flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. to market to your audience.

6. Building a social media presence
PLR content can also be repurposed into images, videos, etc. for platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and so on. You do not need to come up with new ideas for different platforms.

You only need to repurpose the content in a way it’s conveniently consumed by the audience on that platform.

7. Membership sites
PLR content can be used as deliverables for your membership sites. Newsletters, training videos, short reports, checklists, recipes, templates, etc. are all deliverables that can be easily created with PLR.

8. Affiliate promotions
Use PLR to create bonuses for products you’re promoting as an affiliate. This will tempt your potential buyers to get off the fence and get the product just to get extra value.

9. Guest blogging
PLR articles can be rewritten completely and used as guest posts on other blogs. Not only will you get an audience, but you’ll also have backlinks pointing to your site. Rewriting PLR is easier than doing all the research and writing from scratch.

There are so many shortcuts you can take with PLR to accelerate your business growth and also increase your profits rapidly.

Time is money and money loves speed. PLR saves you time, gives you speed, and makes you money. To capitalize on it wisely.

Profitable PLR Shortcuts You Can Take to Build Your Business