Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique

Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique
Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique

If you’re trying to make money online, here’s a mantra that you MUST repeat to yourself every single day – “I ONLY make money when I SELL!” This mantra may seem obvious and blatant common sense… and yet, so many beginners who are new to online marketing fail to see it. They get lured by the flashy sales pages which promise quick profits. They end up buying product after product after product and never doing anything with what they’ve bought. Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique.

There’s even a term for this in this online marketing space – it’s called ‘shiny object syndrome’. Newbies spend all their money and time buying products, but don’t make a cent in return because they never sell anything! Do not fall into this vicious cycle where you’re led to believe that you’re taking action by buying. This is not an action that generates profits. This ‘syndrome’ happens with PLR buyers too.
Their hard drives become a graveyard where the corpses of many a digital ‘biz in a box’ lie, untouched and silent till the end of time. A harsh exaggeration… but you get the point.

You ONLY make money when you sell, and this is how you SELL your PLR products…

* Reports
If your PLR bundle contains a report, it can either be used as a giveaway report to build a list or you can sell the report for $5 – $7.
Keep your pricing low so that it becomes an impulse buy. You’ve not built trust yet. So, by keeping it cheap, the product will become a tripwire to get the potential buyer into your sales funnel or on your list.

If the report is being used as a lead magnet to build your list, always ensure that there are links in the report that will take the reader to products you’re selling or promoting… and/or your website too.

* eBooks
Similar to the reports above, you’ll need to rebrand them so that they are unique in the marketplace. A beautiful cover, a cool sales page, and a smooth buying process will get you sales if you drive traffic to your offer. Your eBooks should have affiliate links to tangible products or digital products that the reader can buy.

Selling the eBook is not an end in itself. With digital content, you can make passive sales with strategically-placed links within the content. So, use this tactic but don’t overdo it.

* Audiobooks
Audiobooks usually cost more than written content. This is evident in the Amazon marketplace too. There seems to be a higher perceived value for audiobooks. What you can do is to hire a voiceover artist on a freelance platform such as or to read your eBook and record it as an audiobook. Now you’ll have an extra product that you can sell as an upgrade. If someone is buying your eBook, they’ll have the option of paying an extra $17 or so to get the audiobook version.

You’ll be surprised at how many people take you up on this offer.

* Video training
Written content can be converted into videos too. You can either use software such as Camtasia or Vidnami to do them yourself… or just hire someone to create these videos for you. Now you have videos that can be sold as training. If you have a bundle of PLR videos on bodyweight exercises, you can combine that with creative commons content to create training videos/demonstrations.

* Podcasts/webinars
PLR content can also be used in podcasts/webinars. PLR is so versatile that you’re not limited to only selling it as content. You can use it to sell/promote other products too. PLR content on ‘six-pack abs’ can be used to sell ab rollers, weight loss pills, sit-up benches, etc. As long as you can find a way to make the PLR content relevant, it becomes a tool for what you’re selling.

* Emails
PLR content can be used in emails to make sales. You just need a link in the emails to a product you’re selling. Give a snippet of valuable information (PLR), followed by a link to a blog post/product you’re selling.

* Membership sites
You may also create a membership site and use PLR content as your deliverables. Your members won’t know it’s PLR. They’re just there for the value. You’ll have a consistent, recurring income from this method.

To conclude, the goal of PLR should be to make you money. As long as you can find a way to directly or indirectly use the content to generate a sale, you’ll be golden.

You’ll see PLR opportunities all around you once you realize that you ONLY make money when you sell. Start selling.

Add Multiple Buy Buttons to Your PLR With This Technique