Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them

Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them
Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them

In order to become an expert at using private label rights (PLR) content, you’ll need to understand what it is and how you should think out of the box when using your content. Most PLR buyers will often use the content they bought in the format it was given in. That’s about as far as they ever get, and they fail to realize that they’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with the content they have. Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them.

Below you’ll find a list of commonly sold PLR components and a brief description of what you can do with them. Even this list is only meant to give you a start. It’s not an end in itself. Once you realize that there are tons of ways you can manipulate the PLR content to suit your marketing needs, you’ll discover how potent PLR actually is.

* PLR articles
These articles can be compiled into books or rewritten until they’re unique enough to be used as guest posts. Or they can be used as blog posts for your own blog. PLR articles can be summarized into emails, converted into a video, or repurposed into infographics. Besides using the articles as a whole, you can always take out bits of content from them to use in images, videos, etc. PLR articles are one of the most versatile types of PLR out there.

* PLR reports/eBooks
PLR reports and eBooks can be broken down into PLR articles and used in almost all the same ways. Besides that, reports can be given away as lead magnets to build your list. Ebooks can be sold to generate revenue. If you hire someone to rewrite a PLR eBook completely, you can even publish it on the Kindle Publishing marketplace.

* PLR videos
PLR videos can be used to start a video channel on YouTube to drive traffic to your sites. They can be embedded in your blog posts or used in your Instagram stories of Facebook groups/pages. By distilling the points in a PLR video, you’ll have an outline to write your own articles or create other pieces of content such as infographics, Pinterest pins, etc.

* PLR Checklists
PLR checklists can be used as an outline to create articles, books, videos, infographics, etc. These checklists can be used as bonuses to products you’re selling or given away to build a list.

* PLR infographics
Similar to checklists, the points in an infographic can be used to create an article outline you can flesh out later on. Once again, the points from an infographic can be used in videos, images, daily tips in your social media properties, offline marketing material, and so on.

* PLR email sequences
The most obvious way to use PLR emails will be to load them in your autoresponder. However, you can also combine the emails to create a short report or article. Turning the emails into slides will also allow you to use them in presentations or as images on your social media properties.

* PLR images
Images can be used to drive traffic from the usual image sites… but they can also be used in videos, eBooks, reports, infographics, printables, and so on.

* Resell rights/master resell rights products (RR/MRR)
These products can be sold ‘as is’, but you’re better off getting the source files from the original vendor. Besides selling RR and MRR products, you can use them as affiliate or product bonuses. They can be used in membership sites or as lead magnets – or even as research for creating your own products.

* Reseller PLR products
Reseller PLR products have all the benefits of the usual PLR products, but now you can also sell them as your own PLR. You can be a PLR seller with these types of content.

* Monetization
The points above showed you what you can do with the different types of PLR. Monetization is just a matter of either directly selling the content that has been rebranded and/or repurposed… or using the content indirectly to generate traffic and leads that you can sell to later on. It’s always a variation of one of these two ways. Use your PLR wisely and you’ll have no shortage of traffic or sales in your business.

Different Types of PLR and How You Can Monetize Them