SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content

SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content
SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content

One bugbear that many PLR buyers face when using their content is trying to get it to rank in the search engines. The problem here is that the PLR may have sold several copies and the buyers have just copied and pasted the content exactly as it is on their blogs/sites without changing a single word. SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content.

Once Google takes note of the content and spiders it, any future posts by anyone else using the same content will most probably not be ranked. You’re not being penalized, so don’t panic. Google just doesn’t rank the same content more than once. So, to rank your PLR content, you absolutely MUST make it unique.

You’re probably thinking, “But I bought the PLR to save me time! I don’t want to rewrite stuff!!!” Perfectly understandable. If you’re using the PLR content in your emails, or creating videos or doing one of the many other things you can do with PLR – you’ll not need to rewrite it.

BUT if you wish to rank your PLR content – you MUST rewrite it. That’s just how it is.

* Rewriting 55% of your content
There is some good news here. You don’t need to rewrite ALL of the content. All you need to do is change up about 51% to 55% of the content for Google to see it as unique. You can combine PLR from different pieces of content to form a new article. Or you can use synonyms and rewrite every second sentence or so. Whatever you do whether it’s rewriting half the article or changing words out, you need to aim for 55% uniqueness just to be safe.

You may use this tool to help you with the process:

* Other SEO factors
Besides just rewriting the content, there are several other factors that matter too. Your site needs to have https security enabled… and it needs to load fast. The keyword you’re targeting needs to be in the title, the URL, the first page of the paragraph, and be hyperlinked once, if possible. Variations of the main keyword should be sprinkled in your content too.

Ideally, there should be some internal linking. Other pages in your blog should point to the page you’re trying to rank. You could also build external links to your page.

By converting the PLR content into video, you could post it on YouTube and link it back to your post. In the same vein, you can repurpose the content into different formats to get links from other social media properties, etc. Even if Google says that these links don’t count, it doesn’t hurt to have ‘natural’ links pointing to your site. If you know how to create private blog networks, you can link from those to rank your post/page.

The length of your content, bounce rate, readability, alt tags, site’s mobile responsiveness, use of multimedia, etc. will also play a part in determining if your content ranks. There’s effort involved even if you’re using PLR content. In fact, you MUST study search engine optimization and be aware of what you need to do to increase your chances of getting ranked.

Creating unique content with PLR is only half the journey. For the rest of the way, you’ll have to focus on your on-page and off-page factors to hit the top of the search results.

Keep practicing, stay focused, and be patient. You can rank PLR content if you know what to do. Once you know… start doing.

SEO Tips for Ranking Your PLR Content