Will Using PLR Make Google Penalize My Site for Duplicate Content?

Will Using PLR Make Google Penalize My Site for Duplicate Content?
Will Using PLR Make Google Penalize My Site for Duplicate Content?

If you don’t have time to read the entire article – the correct answer is NO! Google will NOT penalize your site for duplicate content just because you use private label rights content (PLR). There’s so much confusion over this issue that it’s not even funny. Thousands of PLR buyers worry about the Google bogeyman penalizing their site before they’ve even used the PLR content yet. Cast your fears aside. Using PLR is perfectly safe.

You must understand what the duplicate content penalty is. If you take a single PLR blog post and post it on your blog ten times, you have duplicate content. You’re probably wondering why people would do something so insane. The answer is simple. They’re trying to game the system. They’ll create 10 different headlines for the same article and post each different headline as a blog post… but the posts’ content will be the SAME. This is duplicate content. They’re trying to rank in the search engine results and throwing whatever they can at the wall to see what sticks.

Most of the time the only thing that sticks is the duplicate content penalty that Google unceremoniously grants them. Avoid trying to scam a billion-dollar company. It’s not going to work. Your site just might end up blacklisted. If you’re using PLR correctly and only posting one article once on your site, you’ll be fine. It’s important to stay organized with your PLR content so that you don’t accidentally post the same content twice.

Using Private Label Rights is almost similar to websites that publish syndicated news articles.

You’ll notice that news from popular news organizations such as Reuters or Associated Press is displayed across thousands of sites online.
The content is literally the same. Nothing is altered or changed. Yet, none of these sites are penalized because the SAME CONTENT APPEARING ON DIFFERENT SITES DOES NOT cause a duplicate penalty strike. Only when the SAME CONTENT APPEARS REPEATEDLY ON THE SAME SITE are you penalized for duplicate content. Hopefully, the words in bold make the distinction clear. Feel free to use PLR content on your site. It’s one of the best ways to populate your site quickly and easily.

If you’re hoping to rank for certain keywords, it would be best to either write unique content targeting the keyword/s you wish to rank for… or rewrite about 51% to 55% of your PLR article and optimize it well so that Google views it as unique content and ranks it. The problem with ranking PLR content is that several people who bought the same content will be using it too. While most Private Label Rights buyers never use the content they purchase, enough of them do compete with you. Very often, most of them will just copy and paste the PLR content as it is without changing anything. Usually, the first one to post the PLR content will get noticed by Google.


Everyone after that will not really matter because Google already took note of the content. This is why you’ll need to come up with a new title for the PLR article (very important) … and rewrite about half the content so it becomes unique. Sprinkle related keywords in your content, add in your own opinions. Use references. Add quotes, etc.  Doing all of this will help to make your content different from the original PLR you’ve purchased. Get a few links pointing to your new article and your chances of ranking in the search results will be much higher.

This is how you should use PLR to add content to your site and also rank in the SERPS. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Will Using PLR Make Google Penalize My Site for Duplicate Content?

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