Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales

Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales
Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales

Every PLR seller’s main goal should be to sell as many copies of their PLR as they can. After all, content creation is not easy and most PLR sellers are NOT doing it for fun. This is an income-generating activity. It’s a business and should be treated as such. So many newbies to this business fail to realize this. They become overly passionate about their business. They hem and haw and pontificate about niches and content and everything else in-between while they miss the main point – SALES! You must get sales and do whatever you can to increase your sales!
While having good products is a given, once you have a stable of products, your focus should be on marketing and sales. Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales. That’s just how it is.

* Tap into hot niches
To succeed as a PLR seller, you need to put out content that people want. Generally, your audience will be OTHER MARKETERS. People who buy PLR content are usually bloggers, affiliates, or those who want to create and sell their own products. All the PLR you create should be geared to your market’s needs. Give them what they need to make money. Bloggers are usually in popular niches such as survival, weight loss, health niches, gardening, etc.

These are the niches you need to create content for. Don’t release a PLR bundle on the mating habits of the endangered black rhino. No one needs that. Not even the rhino. Write to your buyers. This will be content for hot niches that they can tap into and make sales! Your PLR buyers want to make money too. As long as you remember that, you’ll know exactly what type of content to create.

* Build a list
It goes without saying that you should be building a list of both buyers and freebie seekers. Ideally, keep them on different lists. Your buyer list will almost always be smaller than your list of freebie seekers – but it will generate most of your income for you. You build a freebie list by offering free PLR content, valuable information, etc. There are many people who are wary of marketers. These folks will be on your freebie list for a while, and once you build enough trust, many of them will go on to become buyers. Just remember to segment your list so that they end up on your buyer list after purchase.

Whatever the case may be, do NOT skip using an autoresponder just because you want to cut costs. This is a cardinal error made by many newbie marketers on a tight budget. They don’t sign up for an autoresponder because it’s a monthly fee. They’re penny-wise and pound-foolish. Your list of customers is your MOST important asset. Build one and develop a good relationship with your list. These are the loyal customers who will quickly buy whatever PLR you release. It’s always easier to generate sales from existing customers.

* Consistency
The more products you release, the more money you’ll make. That’s just the way it is. Consistency is the key to boosting PLR sales and it’s so straightforward. More products = more sales = more customers on your list = more people buying your future products = you making more sales = you being motivated to create more products = more products = you get the point…

It doesn’t seem to end, does it? Exactly. You need to become a part of this profitable system. That said, always create good products even if it means being slower with your launches. Don’t let quality slide because of production time constraints. Once your reputation goes down the drain, it’s a long hard road to build it back up.

* Be on good terms with affiliates
While you do not need to be best friends with your affiliates, it does not hurt to be friendly and on good terms with them. Always pay out your affiliate commissions, contest prizes, etc. on time or earlier, if possible. Affiliates are motivated by money. The more money they see coming from you, the more eager they’ll be to promote you. Where possible, you can be friends with them on Facebook and socialize a little. Reward your best affiliates with a gift card or some token of appreciation.

These little gestures go a long way towards building loyalty and developing a good relationship with your affiliates – and they’ll promote you more often – which in turn will boost your PLR sales.

* Write good copy
Good copy increases conversions. The better your conversions are, the more sales you’ll get. It’s as simple as that. Hire a good copywriter or work on your copy skills and keep improving on your sales pages until they’re sales generating machines.

* Have attractive images
Guess what? People judge a book by its cover. Gasp! Who would’ve thought people would be so shallow! But we are… and we all like looking at beautiful objects. Indeed, we do. Use attractive images on your sales page. Hire a competent graphic designer to create a product mockup for you. Do not skimp here and spend 8 hours trying to create your own horrendous little cover, just because you want to save $5. Just hire a pro on and call it a day. Their cover will give your product an air of professionalism and value.

* More buy buttons
The more buy buttons you have out there, the more sales you’ll make. What does that mean? It means that besides doing PLR launches, you should also build your own PLR store with more products for sale. It means building a blog where you provide value and there should be links in your blog pointing to your PLR stores/launches.

Start a YouTube channel on PLR and have links pointing to your store. Start a Pinterest board with cool, interesting images… and yes, you guessed right… have these images pointing to your store, blog, etc. All links that lead visitors to your PLR store/sales pages are actually bought buttons in disguise. You get the point. All rivers lead to the sea… your PLR sea of products for people to buy.

Apply the tips in this article and boost your PLR sales. You can never do too much. The more you do, the higher your earnings will be.
That’s what you got into this business for, right? To generate sales and make a good living online.

So, keep the main thing the main thing… and you’ll succeed and build a six-figure income online.

Discover the Secrets to Boost Your PLR Sales