Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It?

Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It?
Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It?

The most difficult part about being a PLR seller is content creation. Most PLR buyers don’t realize that PLR sellers face the same challenges as them when it comes to creating good content. You still need to do the research and spend hours writing the content. The PLR buyer overcomes this hurdle by purchasing PLR content. Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It?

However, as a PLR seller, you don’t have this luxury. You have to create the content… and there are only 2 ways to do this.

You either create the content yourself or you outsource the work and pay a freelancer to do it. If you hire someone and your marketing is good, you’ll be able to recoup your investment and make profits. But the question now is… do you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you? This applies to any content whether it’s text or video or even graphics. In this article, we’ll just use written content as an example, but it’s applicable to the rest too.

* Are you a good writer?
If you’re a talented writer, you might become a victim of your own success. PLR buyers who are used to buying your content will prefer to get PLR written by you. They may like your writing and how you present the facts. For those who love writing, this will be a breeze. If you’re a good writer but you hate writing, this will be a challenge… but nothing some discipline and routine can’t solve.

If you’re not a good writer, outsourcing is a MUST.

* What’s your budget?
The bigger your budget, the more you can outsource. Generally, outsourcing content creation is an investment, and just like all investments, there are inherent risks involved. For example, if you’ve paid your writer $700 to create all the content for your launch, then you’ll need to make back this $700 and more to be in profit. It’s also important to remember that affiliates will take a chunk of the sales. Payment platforms will take a percentage too. You’ll also have hosting and autoresponder payments. Everything adds up.

Depending on how much you charge, outsourcing costs can make a serious dent in your earnings. If your profit margin is low, you might even make a loss. So, if you’re a beginner on a shoestring budget, it’s best to do it all yourself until you gain traction and are making enough sales to justify hiring freelancers to take on the workload.

* Can you do a mix of both?
Of course, you can! If your PLR bundle has several components such as images, opt-in pages, and so on, you may outsource these product creation tasks to different freelancers while you only focus on what you’re good at. In fact, it’s better to hire proficient freelancers to do what you’re not that competent in. The goal is to create the best possible product you can.

* What types of PLR are you creating?
It’s always best to focus on your strengths. If you’re a good writer, then focus on writing. If you wish to produce video PLR, just write the scripts and hire a good video creator to produce videos for you.

The same applies to graphics and anything else.

* How good is your marketing?
The better your marketing skills, the more you can afford to outsource. You’ll have higher profits and more money to hire out the work.
Ultimately, your goal is to make a profit by selling high-quality PLR products. It doesn’t matter who created the product. Always check your ego at the door.

While you may be a good writer, if your marketing skills are excellent and you can easily generate sales, it would be a better use of your time to hire a competent writer to create your content. Good content is good content. Period. This will allow you to focus on your marketing and also free up your time to work on your business instead of working in it.

* Setting a decent price point
The last point to note is that the price you charge for your PLR will directly affect your ability to outsource your content creation. The lower your prices, the lower your profit margin… and the less money you’ll have to outsource. So, charge a price that’s reasonable to both the buyer and yourself.

Don’t underprice your products just to get sales. You’ll be doing your business a disservice.

Ultimately, whether you create your own content or outsource it – the goal is always to do what is best for your business. Do not be emotionally involved in the decision. You don’t want to be a control freak. You may feel like you’re the best person for the job, but if it hampers your progress because all your time is taken up by the job – you’ll do the job well, but your business may not flourish because it’s being neglected. You’ll have to decide if you want to be a successful PLR business owner or a ‘digital content creation artisan’. There’s no right or wrong answer here… but what you choose to do must be in accordance with your goals.

Like Peter Drucker said, “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.”

Should You Write Your Own PLR or Outsource It?