How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR

How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR
How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR

Here’s what many PLR buyers don’t realize – there are unlimited opportunities with the PLR they purchase. This is especially true for good PLR content that comes with the editable source files. Below you’ll find a list of ways you can mobilize your PLR content for maximum mileage. The list is by no means complete and should serve as a stepping stone for you to understand that you’re only limited by your own creativity and imagination. How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR.

Let’s start…

1. Post PLR articles on your blog.
2. Compile your PLR articles to form a report to sell or give away as a lead magnet.
3. Compile enough PLR articles to form an eBook that you can sell as your own.
4. Convert a PLR article into a video and use it for video marketing and/or video content to embed on your blog.
5. Break down your PLR eBooks into blog posts.
6. Summarize the main points in your PLR articles to create an email sequence with daily tips.
7. Rewrite PLR eBooks completely and publish them as Kindle books.
8. Create membership sites and use your PLR content as deliverables.
9. Use your PLR content for slide presentations, podcasts, webinars, etc.
10. Print out your PLR articles and use them for offline marketing.
11. Convert your PLR articles into infographics which you can use on your sites.
12. Use the main points in your PLR articles to create images that can be used on Pinterest to drive traffic.
13. Use your PLR images on Instagram.
14. Use your PLR images on your Facebook stories.
15. Make videos with your PLR and share them in your Facebook lives.
16. Use snippets of your PLR as tweets.

This list of tips is just the beginning. If you wish to get more ideas on how to repurpose your content, do check out Gary Vee’s post here:

What matters here is that you MUST have a plan for your content and your marketing. Before buying any PLR, you’ll first need to decide what niche you’re going to focus on. Then you’ll have to set up your profile on the different social media platforms, etc. If you need to post a Pinterest image that you created, you’ll first need to have a Pinterest account. So, start creating accounts on all the relevant platforms. It’ll be much more convenient to start posting later on when you have the content ready.

Another point to note is that not all niches are equal. You must know where your audience hangs out. The places you distribute your content should be places where your audience can easily find you. If you’re in the ‘diabetes’ niche, posting videos on Instagram might not help. You might gain more traction creating a Facebook group for diabetics to exchange tips, stories, etc. The PLR you purchase may be in written or video format. Or it could even be checklists or graphics. Do not let the format of the content limit you. Checklists can be turned into articles, videos, emails, etc. Repurpose your content for as many purposes as you can. Spend some time thinking about how you can deliver the SAME content in different ways.

This will separate you from all the other PLR buyers who blindly copy and paste the content mindlessly. A thinking PLR buyer will truly succeed and see opportunities where the rest won’t.

How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your PLR