Private Blog Networks and PLR – A Potent Combination

Private Blog Networks and PLR - A Potent Combination
Private Blog Networks and PLR – A Potent Combination

A private blog network PBN is a group of blogs that you or someone else owns which are used for search engine optimization purposes. In order to understand how PLR can be used with PBNs, you’ll first need to understand how PBNs work. Going into deep detail about PBNs is beyond the scope of this article because this is a very technical topic that requires proper study for you to do it right. But here’s a quick summary of how it all works… Private Blog Networks – PBN and PLR – A Potent Combination.

The goal of a private blog network is to send backlinks to your main website’s pages so that they rank favorably in the search engines. Google views external links to your site as a signal of your site’s quality/authority. After all, if your site was atrocious, why would anyone link to you?

So, links pointing to your site are a form of social proof that your site has good content. And this is how PBNs manipulate the ranking system.
Private blog networks are usually comprised of domains that have authority and may have expired at some point in time. Marketers buy these domains quickly and populate them with content. Here is where you USE your PLR content. Of course, you’ll need to spin or combine different bits of PLR content so that your blog posts are viewed as unique content by Google. Now, you do NOT need to worry about the quality of the content on these private blog networks because the goal is to build links to your site.

Good content on primary site

Good content should be on your PRIMARY site which you’re trying to rank for. Not the smaller blogs that merely exist to send ‘link juice’ back to your main site.

Setting up a private blog network can be a time-consuming and tiring process. You’ll need a new domain for each site and different hosting companies for each site too. Even the PLR content you use for the PBNs needs to be different. Do not use the same PLR content on multiple blogs in your network.

Always remember that you want the smallest footprints possible. In a best-case scenario, every site looks different and there seems to be NO connection between any sites in your blog network… and ABSOLUTELY NO connection to your main site whatsoever. To do this, every site will need its own IP address. The links in your private blogs will point only to your main site, but NOT to each other. With diversified hosting, different IPs, and unique content on each site, it’ll be almost impossible to detect that you are using a blog network to boost your site rankings. It’s always best to use your own networks ONLY for yourself. If you’re paying others to use their PBNs, you’ll not know what other links are on their PBNs.

PBN link farms

When too many links are coming from PBN, Google may get a whiff of the connection between the PBNs and your main site… and blacklist every site connected to the network. So, less is more here… and privacy and secrecy are everything.

PLR content can also be used to create videos on different YouTube channels that point back to the different private blog sites you own.
Now you’ll have more links pointing to your private blog network – and there will be a snowball effect as the blogs in your network gain more credibility. There will be a trickle-down effect with the link juice when they point to your main site and you’ll get a further boost in your rankings.

PLR is an effective means to an end here because the focus is not so much on the quality of the content… but how well you find expired authority domains and create related pages on those domains that look relevant to your main site. So, you can quickly populate these simple blogs with PLR content without spending hours writing for multiple blogs.

Your success with PBNs is determined by how well you set them up. Be as careful as possible and master the technical aspect of it. It goes without saying that you need to be highly organized with both the setup and your PLR usage on these blogs.

Do it all right and you have one of the most powerful SEO ‘weapons’ at your disposal. Your efforts will be worth it once you see the results.

Private Blog Networks and PLR – A Potent Combination