How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate

How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate
How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate

One of the unspoken rules of being a successful PLR seller is that besides selling your own PLR, you should also promote PLR from other reputable vendors. This is affiliate marketing and it’s crucial to augmenting your online income. Most PLR sellers price their PLR in the $9.95 to $47 range. While this is not too shabby, the income you make from your own product sales will usually only be a fraction of what you could make in total if you’d promote other PLR sellers. How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate.

You MUST understand this truth – nothing exists in isolation and no PLR seller should consider himself/herself an island.  If you wish to earn more, you need to promote more… but you need to do it wisely.

* Stick to the reputable sellers
There’s a saying, “You can’t buy a good reputation. You have to earn it.” As an affiliate, you’ll earn your reputation by ONLY promoting good PLR products. This is especially true if your own PLR products are good. Now your customers are expecting the content that’s of a similar value or better. Yes, they’re demanding… but that’s just how it is.

If you promote shabby products and your customers buy them only to discover that the product is just a bunch of threadbare articles that aren’t worth their time, their first thought will be – “Why did he/she recommend this to me?” It reflects poorly on you, and you’d have lost their trust.

* Get a review copy
Always get a review copy of the product, if possible. Contact the PLR vendor and let them know that you’d like to promote it, but you need to get a better idea of what the product about. This is a better approach. DO NOT contact them and ask for a review copy by saying, “I just need to check that your PLR is not rubbish. Thank you.” Be tactful.

* Create a bonus
PLR buyers love free content and bonuses. When promoting other PLR vendors’ launches, having a good bonus will translate to many more sales. These days, the same PLR buyers are on multiple vendors’ email lists. The current state of the industry is that buyers look at the different emails they receive and buy through the affiliate who has the best bonus. The focus is more on bonus shopping rather than the actual product they’re planning to buy. PLR hoarding is the norm and as strange as the situation seems, this is the way it is. You must know the lay of the land to navigate your way to affiliate success.

* Tell your list how the product will help them
One way to increase sales will be to provide tutorials or tips showing your list subscribers or site visitors on how the product can help them.
Most beginners need help with using PLR. These tips and tricks will be eagerly devoured by those who need ideas. By delivering valuable information, readers will see the profit potential of the product and purchase it through your link.

* Mention one or two downsides
No product is perfect… and even if it’s good, it can always be improved upon. These downsides/improvements must be mentioned so that your recommendation has an air of credibility. If you praise a product to high heaven, you’ll come across as sales and desperate. It will look like you’re saying whatever you can just to get a sale. That’s too close to the truth. If a PLR eBook is good, you could mention that it could have a better title. If the article package contains 35 articles, you could mention that you wished it covered a few other topics.

The savvy affiliate will find gaps in the product and create a bonus that fills these gaps. That will definitely ensure you get more sales.
To summarize this point, just know that the product you promote must have lots of pros and AT LEAST one or two cons – slanted in your favor.

* Start a blog
Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining a content schedule is difficult… but rewarding. Start blogging about PLR and deliver value over and above what people expect. They’ll soon come to your blog for information and ideas. Ensure that your blog posts have affiliate links to PLR products. This is a passive income to some degree… and the bigger and better your blog gets, the higher your chances of getting more sales.

* Use paid advertising
Paid advertising will take some time to master. It can be aggravating because advertising platforms can be volatile and temperamental.
The algorithms may flag your account unnecessarily and you’ll need to do the usual dance with their customer support to get your account back in good standing.

However, this is par for the course and to be expected. Don’t let that discourage you. If you know your metrics, paid to advertise when done right can boost your affiliate sales very effectively. At the end of the day, to profit as an affiliate for PLR products, you need a list that trusts you, a blog that points visitors to products you’re promoting… and bonuses to whet the potential buyers’ appetite.

The rest are just extras. Master the fundamentals and success are inevitable.

How to Promote PLR as an Affiliate

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