Launching Your Own PLR? – Read This First!

Launching Your Own PLR? - Read This First!
Launching Your Own PLR? – Read This First!

Many beginners to online marketing often dream of doing a PLR launch on their own. It seems so attractive. They’ve seen successful PLR sellers making hundreds or even thousands of sales. The beginners want the same success for themselves and they think it’s a walk in the park… until they actually start doing it and realize what a chore the entire process is. Before becoming a PLR seller, it’s important that you know what’s in store for you so that you’re mentally and emotionally ready to take on this beast of a challenge. Launching Your Own PLR? – Read This First!

You can do it… but you need to be prepared for the PLR Kraken that awaits…

* Don’t do it out of desperation
This is so important that it cannot be overstated. If you’re financially strapped, do NOT look at a PLR launch as a lifesaver which will rescue you. In most cases, the launch will be a flop and you’ll drown in disappointment. You’re better off getting a temporary job until your finances are in better order. Depending on your situation, to do a PLR launch will require you to purchase a page builder, get cover graphics done, etc.

All that is money, and it might be money that you do not have if you’re already strapped for cash. Another reason why you should never do a launch out of desperation is that your entire launch will have a ‘needy’ vibe to it. This may seem strange to explain… but ask any experienced PLR seller and they’ll tell you that it’s true.

Newbies who are desperate for money usually have PLR launches that flop. This is almost always the norm. So, get a day job and work on your business while working for a living. That’s the best way to go about it.

* Give more!!!
When creating a PLR package to launch, always give the BEST that you can give. All too often, PLR sellers try to give less because they don’t wish to put in the extra work. They justify their product with excuses like, “The customer is not paying that much” or “Most PLR buyers don’t use the content anyway.”

Here’s what you need to know – it’s never about them. It’s always about you. Your products are a reflection of you. Create a product that’s so good the buyer realizes that he/she is missing out by not buying it. Create more. Give more. Be more. You can always do better. The more you give, the more you’ll get back in the form of repeat sales, satisfied customers, and an impeccable reputation for delivering quality and value for money.

* Make friends with your affiliates in advance
The best way to boost your PLR sales is to get other PLR sellers to promote your products. Contact as many PLR sellers as you can and become friends with them. Build a relationship with them before asking for a promo. It’s advantageous if you can promote them first and get them sales. Now you’ll officially be a player in the game who can bring sales, etc. Immediately, the PLR vendor you’re promoting will take note of you.

If you’re still new to the scene, you can be truthful and ask an experienced PLR vendor to take a chance on you. Most PLR sellers are nice and very often they’re looking for NEW content providers that bring FRESH perspectives/products to the PLR scene. Do not be afraid to get to know other PLR vendors/affiliates… and always be cordial even if you’re rejected. A ‘No’ today doesn’t mean a “No’ forever… and for everyone who says no, three may say yes.

As you succeed in the business, your success will speak so loudly that you won’t have to… and marketers will promote you because you’re a proven seller. This is a good place to be, and you’ll get there in time if you do things right.

* Don’t cut corners
If you’re doing a PLR launch, do build a proper sales page with a page builder. Don’t take shortcuts and build one on your PLR store that has a ton of leaks to other pages. Affiliates who promote your launch do not want their traffic going anywhere else other than the sales page. Even experienced PLR sellers take shortcuts like these because they’re lazy to create a dedicated page for their product launches.

The extra effort you take will translate to a lot more sales and profits. Don’t short-change yourself. Another point to note – get attractive graphics done for your sales pages. A beautiful cover will get you more sales. Don’t try to do it yourself just to save a few dollars. There have been PLR vendors with graphics so ugly that even Ripley won’t believe it. Get a professional on to do your graphics for you.

* Your sales page is crucial
Your sales page is the only tool you have to convince a potential buyer to buy from you. Spend enough time on your sales copy and the sales page design so it looks great and people WANT to buy from you. The font should be legible. The copy should read well. The graphics should be stunning. The license rights should be clearly displayed and so on.

Spend a week working on your sales page and tweaking it. It deserves that amount of time… and your sales will skyrocket if you do a good job of it. Launching Your Own PLR?

* This is hard work
If you’re looking for ‘push-button’ riches or quick and easy profits, selling PLR is NOT for you. This is a time-consuming business. You need to put your heart in your PLR business and your PLR business in your heart. The content creation will take time and effort. Even if you outsource the writing, you’ll still need to ensure that it’s top-shelf content.

Most of the competent and successful PLR sellers will tell you that PLR is one of those things where it’s best to do it yourself. It’s hard work. Make no mistake about it.

* Brand yourself
Branding yourself is crucial to longevity in this business. Whether you’re known for the value you provide or your flamboyance, what matters is that people sit up and take note of you. Anyone can sell PLR, but not anyone can be a PLR seller that’s recognized by name. That requires branding. Ideally, you should brand yourself based on the quality of your content AND your personality. If you can merge both in your marketing, you’ll make a name for yourself in the PLR scene and both customers and other PLR vendors will take notice of you.

By now you’ll realize that becoming a PLR seller is more than just cobbling together some content and slapping a buy button on it. There are many factors involved and you need to get them all right to truly succeed.

Do not let the amount of work required to discourage you. If you put in the sweat equity, you can and will succeed in this business. We’re all waiting for you to join us. Get started today.

Launching Your Own PLR? – Read This First!