How To Rebrand Your Biz in a Box PLR

How To Rebrand Your Biz in a Box PLR
How To Rebrand Your Biz in a Box PLR

Purchasing a Biz-In-A-Box PLR bundle can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you receive many different components and quite a bit of written content that you can use and sell as your own. How To Rebrand Your Biz in a Box PLR. On the other hand, you’ll need to set it all up and also rebrand the PLR so that it looks NOTHING like the original PLR you purchased.

There are a few steps involved and they’re listed below. Take your time to understand each step before moving on to the next one.

* Step 1: Give the product a NEW name and buy a domain for it.
The name you give your product must be catchy and interesting. You can get an idea by looking at the titles of similar books on the Amazon marketplace. Find the books that sell well and model your title after them.

* Step 2: Point the domain to your hosting nameservers

* Step 3: Hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or a minisite creation service to create a new cover for your product, and also the images which will be used on your sales page.  Remember to tell the designer to keep the image dimensions, the file name, and file formats the same as what’s in the original PLR bundle

* Step 4: Once you get back all the images, substitute them for the ones provided in the PLR package. Once the old files are overwritten by the new ones, you’ll have a product that looks totally different from the original PLR.

* Step 5: Rewrite the headline that came with your PLR sales copy. While the sales copy can stay the same, rewriting the headline is important. It’s the most visible part of the sales copy and by changing it, you’ll rebrand your sales page just a bit more to differentiate your product from the original.

* Step 6: Add a buy button to the sales page (preferably using a different digital platform from the one where you purchased your PLR). Link your sales funnel and automate the download page delivery and so on.

* Step 7: Upload the sales page, download page, and other required pages to your hosting account.

* Step 8 – Set up the opt-in page provided with your PLR and link it to your autoresponder to deliver the report when people sign up. (Your opt-in the report should have been rebranded too.)

* Step 9: Focus on traffic generation to the opt-in page to build your list. Have an email sequence in place to build a relationship with your subscribers.

* Step 10 – Email your list and send them to the sales page you’ve set up. Start making sales!

While there are 10 steps involved and they seem a little technical, the process itself is relatively straightforward. As long as you get new graphics done and rewrite the sales page headline, your product will look BRAND NEW and UNIQUE. Any tech hiccups can be solved by searching for tutorials on YouTube. It’s all simple stuff once you follow along to the videos. Most potential buyers do not scrutinize sales copy. They just read the headline, look at the images, and see if the sales copy addresses their pain points. It’s all a superficial process.
As long as your product looks totally different from the original PLR, most potential buyers will never know that you used PLR content to create the product.

Ultimately, what matters is that the content you’re selling is good and helps the customer. If you can do that, you’ve done your part and deserve the sale. Print out this list and keep it close to you for reference when setting up your virtual PLR box of content.

How To Rebrand Your ‘Biz in a Box’ PLR

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