Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses

Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses
Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses

If you stopped and looked at the content online these days, you’ll realize that a lot of it is polarizing, attention-grabbing, and relatively shallow. There’s a reason for this. The advent of social media has created a generation of people who come online for a dopamine hit. This is why they’re hooked on social media. Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses.

The constant notifications and real-time feedback give them dopamine hits over and over again. All of it is entertainment to some extent.
If you’re a content publisher, it’s crucial to know that you need to provide good information while entertaining the reader at the same time. It’s a difficult task, but that’s the way it is. Your competition is not other blogs in your niche. Your real competition is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, and the other social media platforms that seem a lot more interesting than you. People nowadays have the attention span of a housefly and if your content bores them, they’ll click off your page and disappear faster than David Copperfield in his heyday.

PLR content must definitely be modified to cater to this entertainment seeking crowd…

* Grab their attention
The first thing you’ll need to do is to change the titles of your PLR articles. People often make fun of clickbait titles and yet, these types of titles work very effectively. They get the clicks and eyeballs to the content. Use this tool to create titles that grab attention: https://www.contentrow.com/tools/link-bait-title-generator. You must understand that the PLR content is a means to an end… and you only reach the finish line when you transform the PLR article you’re using into a content piece that informs and entertains at the same time.

* Personalize your content
Much can be said about personalizing your content, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. What you need to know is that you should make the PLR content unique to you. Add your opinions, experience, etc. to make the PLR showcase your authority in the niche. People love reading content based on real experiences. That’s why true-crime TV shows and books have such a huge following.

* Listicles
Listicles are quick lists of content points that are easy to consume and digest. Unfortunately, society seems to be dumbing down these days. People prefer shallow content that can be consumed in minutes. These types of content are easy to read, hook the readers in, and can be finished quickly. If you can convert a PLR article into a listicle, you’ll get readers who stay on the page longer. You can have a link to another blog post that’s more well-researched and detailed, for those who wish to learn more. In this way, you’ve catered to both types of audiences.

* Images, memes, and gifs
Visual content always gets attention and perks people’s curiosity. Use images in your content and make sure they’re interesting so that readers spend a few seconds looking and thinking about the images. Any PLR article will look better with a few images embedded within the content. All this is infotainment. Entertaining the reader is crucial to maintaining a low bounce rate on your blog.

* Videos
Videos are great for those who dislike reading. People who are about to leave your blog because they don’t wish to read the content just might hang around and watch a video on your blog post. So, convert your PLR into videos and use them to keep visitors on your blog.

* Font choice and size
Use a font that’s easy to read. Avoid overly cursive ones that make people squint. The font you use should work well on mobile too. Keep your font size large enough for it to be legible. 14pt is the new 12pt. Depending on your niche, you may have an older audience. The older people get, the higher the chances of them needing reading glasses. Assist them by making your font size easy to read.

* Be like Netflix
If you wish to understand how to keep your audience hooked to your content, all you need to do is study Netflix. Have you ever wondered why they release an entire TV series (with all the episodes) at one go? It’s to keep their audience hooked. They want to encourage binge-watching. This not only creates a habit in people to keep coming back to Netflix, but the site is ‘sticky’. You don’t want to leave.

They have new shows popping up constantly so that there’s always something ‘fresh’ for you to watch.  The colors on the site are bold. There are trailers that give you sneak previews. There are suggestions for other similar shows based on the shows you’ve just watched… and so on.
Every single thing they do has a purpose, and it’s to keep you on Netflix perpetually… and you’ll be paying perpetually too. In the same vein, you should have new content on your blog/site regularly so that your audience keeps coming back for more.

The blog content should be sticky and interlink to several different posts within the same blog so that readers can keep reading and reading and devouring the content you’ve provided, Use attractive images, colors, blog headers, and so on to make your site look fun and entertaining.

Use PLR content to flesh out your blog, but use your imagination to turn the information into infotainment.

“What separates good content from great content is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope.” — Brian Halligan

Turning Your PLR Into Infotainment That Hooks the Masses